Two years since joining Ecologi we’re proud to have supported yet more projects to help our environment and remain a Climate Positive Workforce. 

How have we helped so far?  

By subscribing to environmental organisation, Ecologi, Net Primates are helping to fund projects and work in a climate-positive way.  

To date Net Primates have funded the planting of 2,653 trees, helped 157.06 tCO2e be avoided and supported 32 projects, including:  

What is Ecologi? 

Ecologi is a social enterprise which helps businesses take real climate action using simple and impactful solutions. Founded in Bristol in 2018, its group of environmentalists work to help us take collective action. 

Can Ecologi stop climate change? 

There are billions of concerned people on our planet who care, but don’t know how to make a meaningful contribution. By creating a useful platform that allows all of us to make the impact we want to, and continue the process of carbon awareness, there’s an amazing opportunity to make a difference. 

The underlying projects managed by Ecologi include reforestation, renewables and efficient cooking stoves, and are all ranked highly in terms of climate change solutions. 

How big is a carbon footprint? 

Each footprint depends on a number of factors, including where you live, and how you live your life. 

If you live in the Global North, it is very likely your carbon footprint is currently well beyond the tolerable amount for limiting warming to 1.5ºC. Even if your food is plant-based, local and in season, there’s a mind-boggling carbon cost for almost anything you spend your money on. 

Ecologi recognise that the concept of an individual carbon footprint is controversial, especially given that it is often reported that most emissions come from just a small cabal of ultra-high emitting companies. However, their platform is built around the principle of inspiring the collective action of millions of individuals – so the individual carbon footprint is a useful framework to use, to help individuals chip in with a small share of the load. 

What does it mean to be a Climate Positive Workforce? 

  1. We have set sustainable goals to reduce the Net Primates carbon footprint. 
  1. Our team’s carbon footprint is more than offset. 
  1. We are funding tree planting and climate projects; every month trees are planted on our behalf and we’re contributing towards carbon avoidance projects around the world. 

    How can you get involved? 

    Sign up today and Ecologi will plant an extra 5 trees in your forest! 

    There are various plans that you can subscribe to, depending upon the activities of your employees, for example you can pay less for those that don’t leave the office compared to those whose jobs include a lot of travel. Take a look at Net Primates Ltd | Ecologi for more information on how you can get involved.