Attending cybersecurity conferences is always a game changer for Net Primates, helping us develop our security provision for customers, and Zero Trust World 2024 was no exception. Here Steve explains the benefits of mixing with industry peers… 

Attending the Zero Trust World 2024 was an enlightening experience, one that not only broadened my understanding of cybersecurity but also armed me with the necessary tools and knowledge to better serve Net Primates’ customers. Set against the sunny backdrop of Orlando, the event unfolded in a beautiful venue buzzing with energy and enthusiasm from cybersecurity professionals from across the globe. 

Understanding the depths of risk 

The theme of this year’s event, ‘Diving Deep into the Threat Landscape’, was particularly impactful. It emphasised the critical need for an in-depth understanding of the emerging threats that organisations face today. Zero Trust is not just a buzzword; it’s a necessity. The sessions were geared towards uncovering the nuances of cyber threats, making it clear that knowing your enemy is the first step in robust defence strategies. 

Real conversations, real business 

One of the most useful aspects of Zero Trust World was the opportunity for side conversations. It wasn’t just about listening to speakers but also engaging in meaningful discussions with peers, experts, and vendors. These interactions weren’t just theoretical; they were practical, focused on real-world applications and business outcomes. Networking here went beyond exchanging business cards – it was about building future-facing partnerships and sharing innovative solutions. 

Showcasing solutions and technologies 

The expo floor was a treasure trove of cutting-edge solutions. From advanced threat detection systems to comprehensive Zero Trust architectures, every booth offered something unique. What was truly remarkable, but unsurprising, was the openness and friendliness of everyone present. Vendors were not only showcasing their products but were eager to educate attendees on how these could be used to maximise cybersecurity provision. 

Rigorous learning and certification 

A standout feature of the event was the certification test offered to attendees, which was not just another multiple-choice questionnaire. Instead, it presented real-life scenarios requiring thoughtful application of tools like ThreatLocker. Passing this test wasn’t just a personal achievement but a testament to the practical learning and skills enhancement that the event facilitated. 

Education leading to action 

The ultimate takeaway from Zero Trust World 2024 was the emphasis on education and its direct impact on security practices. The speakers inspired us to not just implement new tools but to think critically about how we can fortify our defences. If every participant left with the intent to make their environment a bit more secure, then the event succeeded on all fronts. It was about making incremental improvements that collectively heighten the security landscape. 

Conclusion: a step forward in cybersecurity mastery 

As MSPs (Managed Service Providers), we play a crucial role in your cybersecurity defences. Attending Zero Trust World 2024 was not just about gaining knowledge; it was about preparing to act as a frontline defender against cyber threats. The insights gained have equipped us to advise you even more effectively, ensuring that you are not just aware of potential risks but are also ready to implement more stringent defences. 

If you’re looking to enhance your cybersecurity provision, get in touch for a Technology Business Review and we’ll take a deep dive into your current situation and advise on any areas that could be improved.