What to do if your password is hacked or stolen

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Summary of the steps outlined in Video

  1. Change your password immediately – even if you’re not sure it was actually compromised. Better safe than sorry.
  2. Tell your Manager and/or IT Support Company – the quicker people know, the quicker action can be taken and you get the all-clear!
  3. Check your systems / accounts – does everything look like it did before, is there any unusual traffic/activity/icons?

The video also explains the importance of discussing and creating an action plan so you know what to do BEFORE an incident, and what the likely impact/outcomes are of:

  • Clicking on a phishing link
  • Downloading + installing unknown software on your computer
  • Business Email Compromise where your mailbox password has been provided to a 3rd party

Take away actions on this topic are;

  • Add an agenda item to your team meeting to discuss password breaches and the impact they can have on your team.
  • Talk about Phishing Emails.
  • Define what ‘normal’ looks like.
  • Print posters for the staff board.
  • Give examples of what could happen + impact it may have.
  • Turn incidents into learning opportunities.

Net Primates Top Tip: Create a no-blame culture & praise people for coming forwards.

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