How to Spot a Phishing Email

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About this video

Phishing emails are one of the most dangerous threats facing companies on a daily basis, and we explain what they are, and how to go about spotting them.

In the video we cover:

  • The 3 Types of Phishing Email you’re likely to see
  • Examples of each type of Phishing Email and their intended result
  • Why online file sharing services can increase the likelihood of something being clicked on or downloaded
  • How to spot suspicious emails that appear to be from within your own company
  • Things threat actors do to convince you to take action


Take away actions on this topic are

  1. Implement & pay attention to Security Warnings
  2. Discuss Phishing during your regular Security Awareness Training
  3. Consider implementing routine phishing testing / training for your team
  4. Implement procurement processes and stick to them!

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