Did you avoid downtime and maintain business efficiency, or did you suffer from lack of kit, unexpected expenditure and emergencies? 

Last year we advised on the elements that need to appear in an IT Strategy in order keep kit running smoothly, budget effectively and avoid emergencies. There are new elements to consider for your 2020 strategy. 

As always, we’d recommend that you ensure that your IT hardware and software is within its serviceable lifetime, in other words is it still within its warranty period and is it still supported by the manufacturer? This is illustrated by Windows 7 and Server 2008, neither of which will be supported by Microsoft from 14th January 2020. As such, security updates won’t be provided, leaving machines open to cyber threats. We recommend that any PCs coming up to 3 years old and servers that are 5 years old be replaced; plan for this within your strategy and avoid unexpected expenditure.  

For those of you that included IT kit requirements within your 2019 strategy, did you notice that budgeting was easier? Did you find that you were able to maintain cashflow because your IT assets were planned capital expenditure rather than emergency purchases? 

Did your new starters have IT hardware and email accounts in place when they arrived, and was the kit fully loaded with all the software that they needed? If so, you’ll have noticed how quickly they were able to get to work and become productive for your business. 

Do you have your IT Strategy in place for 2020? 

This year it would be worth adding a section for IT Security; include any cyber security upgrades and accreditations that you aim to acquire, policies and procedures that need updating and the inclusion of IT Security within meetings and training. 

Need help with your IT Strategy? 

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