Our world is moving online – and staying connected is more important than ever. Net Primates design and implement business-grade internet connectivity, secure networks, and wireless and hosted VoIP solutions.


Without fail, the internet is used by nearly every business in the UK on a daily basis. It’s essential for communication with customers, suppliers, teams and the wider world. Slow, unreliable internet connections can not only ruin your day but hamper productivity, lose you business and leave your customers out in the cold.

We can offer ethernet leased lines from 100mbps to 10Gbps for businesses that require guaranteed high-speed connectivity with low contention ratios, and 4/5G failover solutions to ensure you remain connected to the outside world via a backup connection.
Contact us with your full address, postcode and existing telephone line (if applicable) and we can determine the fastest package for your business.

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Company networks offer local and internet connectivity to the devices of your team. Whilst this used to be the industry standard, cyber security best practices now mean even small businesses should consider segregated networks. These networks provide environments specific to visitors, BYOD (own devices) and credit card terminals, ensuring compliance with PCI.Your business requires a solution unique to you. And we’re here to build it. Our team work with you to discover your needs day-to-day and pair that with industry requirements and the best options for a secure, reliable and versatile network.

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Wherever you are in your telecoms journey, it’s an integral part of your business technology infrastructure. Our team offer both installations of hardware and migrations of existing systems into new premises, taking away the hassle of telecoms and letting you focus on your business.

We own and operate a large part of our infrastructure, meaning we can pass those savings on to our customers and deliver a totally unique support service from the same team who built the systems, and work on them every day.

If you’re unhappy with your current telecoms provider, need more equipment or are looking for a more cost-efficient solution, Net Primates can help.

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Wireless and Wi-Fi

Our team have provided reliable, secure wireless access solutions to clients across the country. A wireless network that you can trust is essential in any industry, with our clients spanning leisure, manufacturing, education and many more.

Net Primates plan, design, install, optimise and manage the systems we install, ensuring you’re getting the best systems for your business and they’re always working as best as possible. Whether you need a new wireless network setup or want to discuss your options for switching or enhancing your current system – we’d be happy to get stuck in and create a tailored plan for your business.

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Why Net Primates should be your choice

We’ve delivered first-class support for businesses that need a reliable partner for their IT and telecoms since 2005. In that time, we’ve worked with customers around the corner in the New Forest, and all the way across the globe in Europe and the USA.

Our clients know they can call us whenever, and speak to the same, trusted member of staff they’re used to dealing with. They’ll always get a friendly voice and lightning-quick support for any issues that arise with their infrastructure.

The solutions we provide are modern, bespoke for every business and versatile. This is thanks to the varied skillsets of our talented team, who come together to create out-of-the-box answers to problems our clients face.

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If you need our help with a problem or want to prepare, advance and protect your business – our team of specialists is ready to help.

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