IT Support

IT assets are integral for businesses to operate, advance and grow. Our comprehensive support gives you confidence in your technology and makes IT work for you.

Sound familiar?

Slow machines. Broken hardware. Emails going down. Phone systems not working. These are nightmare scenarios for any team, business owner and client. And they can be severely impacting your business productivity and hampering growth.

Unfortunately, these are problems we hear far too often from new clients. However, by talking to us, business owners realise there is an alternative. Having a functional IT support provider will help you say goodbye to these problems – and hello to something much better.

Two IT support workers talking in a server room.

What we do differently

We prioritise creating rigid infrastructure that can support what your business needs from it. Preventative measures are always more effective than reactive measures – and we try to build a system that limits the risk of problems cropping up in the first place.

In the event you encounter a problem with your systems, our team are on the case immediately. We are always here – and it’s the same team you’ll be dealing with, from the first moment you call to the next time you have a question big or small. Accessibility is key, and our ticketing system gives you instant access to the team and your chosen specialist.

Unlike many competitors, we get you answers and fixes quickly. We’ve reduced wait times for clients, as we understand that problems cost businesses time and money. With a team of experts that have varied skill sets, we cover every corner of the IT industry which helps get you answers fast.

IT Services we offer

  • Server, desktop and laptop sales, support and management
  • Hardware and software sales and support
  • Remote network management and support
  • Network support and management
  • IT/Network infrastructure solutions
  • Broadband Internet connections
  • Email and Website Solutions
  • Remote Backup services
  • Remote Worker VPN and Multisite Solutions

It’s our passion to help businesses like yours achieve more and work at a consistently high level of productivity, using technology as an aid – not a hindrance.

Our customer base is varied and spread far and wide – if you’ve got a problem, we’ve likely seen it before. The Net Primates team think outside of the box to create tailored IT solutions that are optimised for your workplace and operations. And most importantly, you’re kept in the loop at every stage of the process.

As technology continues to evolve, we understand it’s critical to stay ahead of the curve. We’ve expanded our skillset and services continuously since 2005 to ensure our clients benefit from only the highest level of knowledge and experience to keep them best protected.

Talk to a specialist now

If you need our help with a problem or want to prepare, advance and protect your business – our team of specialists is ready to help.

Give us a call, send an email or visit us.

An IT server with an engineer replacing part of it.