If your staff are complaining that their laptops (or any other pieces of IT kit) have seen better days, then replacing them may not be as difficult as you imagine.  

Whilst the provision of new IT kit can seem like a massive expense you could do without, particularly after we emerge slowly from a period of economic instability, leasing is the perfect option for many businesses.* 

Maintaining a healthy cash flow, particularly during tough times, can prove a tall order. Capital expenditure can be so much of a burden that purchases are delayed, impacting productivity and efficiency. But leasing can get around these issues, spreading the cost and ensuring that your teams always have the best hardware for the job. You could, for example, set yourself a goal of replacing a third of your IT estate annually, paying monthly through a leasing arrangement.   

Getting your business into a leasing cycle will ensure you always have kit that’s within warranty. You’ll also benefit from hardware that is powerful enough to use the latest software, and activate all current cyber security updates. Happy, productive teams will also drive growth. Plus, regular monthly payments will be much easier to manage.  

Case study 

As an example, one of our customers has recently acquired 16 new laptops, replacing machines that were new approximately three years ago. This means that they are continually benefitting from business grade equipment, they are in the refresh cycle, and they are able manage their IT budget and cashflow. For around just £40 per month per laptop they are able to maintain optimum IT efficiency at an affordable and manageable price. This illustrates how leasing business grade IT is a great fit for many businesses that want their teams to remain productive and efficient all year round (without the need for expensive Christmas gifts!). 

Talk to us about leasing 

Net Primates can assist with leasing arrangements*. Book a Technology Business Review to run through the hardware and software that you’re currently using, when the warranties are up, and any IT issues that you’re facing. We’ll help you develop an IT strategy to ensure you have a plan for IT purchases and discuss potential leasing arrangements*.  

*Subject to status and eligibility.