In 2004 the US declared October to be Cybersecurity Awareness Month, addressing the growing impact of cyberattacks. Eighteen years on and October is still regarded as an awareness month, but regrettably we feel that once a year is simply not enough. Cybersecurity and resilience must be on our radars all year round, both at work and at home. 

Proactive cybersecurity and cyber resilience are much more effective than reactive measures. Once the hackers are in, their meddling will be difficult to stop.  

Take the time to regularly review your cybersecurity – time spent is well spent. Whilst the UK Government reports that around 82% of senior management within UK businesses see cybersecurity as a priority, just 19% have an incident management policy. Additionally, staff training is non-existent in 39% of large organisations and up to 83% for smaller ones! 

So, by way of a recap to many of the news items that we regularly put out, here are a few reminders: 

  • Put layers of cybersecurity in place – think of an onion with your business at the centre 
  • Ensure your business has a password policy that is publicised and upheld 
  • Always use Multi Factor Authentication where it’s available 
  • Have cybersecurity on the agenda of every board meeting 
  • Maintain an ongoing cybersecurity training programme for your staff to ensure a Human Firewall 
  • Keep your IT kit within warranty – newer kit is better placed to fight attack 
  • Have a plan for prevention… and for cure (even layers of security could be infiltrated) 
  • Work with your suppliers and your customers – supply chains can be weak 

If you’re concerned that your organisation is not on top of cybersecurity please do get in touch with Net Primates. We hear about cyberattacks way too often and will do everything we can to support your business with cybersecurity software and planning.