In our last blog we talked about the security implications of remote working when temporary measures are used, such as staff relying on their own devices to carry out business activity.

If you’re making the move to more permanent home-based working it’s worth considering the IT kit that makes remote working easier.

The obvious change is moving from desktop computers to laptops, when staff are regularly moving between locations. If they need a larger or dual monitor, you may wish to provide the right kit for their home office. This can be supplemented by a limited number of monitors within the office that can be shared by staff who are hot desking.

Consider the telephony that staff will be using at home. Do you need to make sure that customer calls are answered by remote workers without disruption to service levels? You may decide to issue all staff with company mobiles and install integrated telephony onto laptops. You’ll then ensure seamless communications wherever staff are based.

We’re not in the habit of giving the ‘hard sell’ but we’d recommend that you tell us what you need. As HP Gold Partners we’ve been endorsed as qualified resellers who can be relied upon to give advice you can trust. We don’t provide quick fixes, or make a fast buck – we want you to have IT solutions that suit your business needs now and in the future.

We’ll guide you through the creation of an IT strategy in which IT kit will be planned – no more last minute, unbudgeted, emergency IT purchases. Staffing levels, business goals and changes to working patterns will all be considered so that you have kit that suits the challenges you face. 

IT kit plays such a pivotal role in many of our jobs that having the right kit in the right place at the right time helps businesses remain efficient and competitive.