We’ve heard a lot about ‘water cooler chats’ since office working was reduced; many feel that these impromptu discussions have a positive impact on working relations. We’ve heard less about team building and the types of positive office banter that can help cohesion and collaboration within the workplace. Now that many of us work remotely is it time to start introducing some regular fun into the online working week?

We’d love to hear what you’ve been up to, but first here are some suggestions of ours. 

1. Make meetings fun

Obviously not all meetings can be full of hilarity, but where appropriate encourage interaction. Start meetings less formally – if there’s time ask everyone how their weekend was, for example. Use the chat facilities and emojis within video conferencing software. And how about switching backgrounds to a pub background for Friday meetings – we’re not suggesting drinking on the job, but some of us will have enjoyed a pub lunch at the end of the week and this could add some pre-pandemic nostalgia. 

2. Challenges

Introduce optional challenges and activities for those that miss the group events such as quizzes, dress up days, a lunch club, dance parties, book club… the list is endless. Did you have a social event organiser pre-pandemic – now is the time to get them active again. 

3. Tasty treats

Why not send your workers a cake / donut delivery to enjoy during meetings, or just to let them know that you care. We’ve seen a host of online services take off – why not take advantage of them to cheer up your team. 

4. Introduce Coworking where appropriate

Set up a tool for those who need more interaction, allowing them to go online with each other when they need advice, support, or just some company. As in the traditional office space, this isn’t a passport to chatter. But being able to bounce ideas, ask advice and to simply have other humans in your orbit will prove invaluable to those that need it. Ask us about the best way to set this up within your organisation. 

5. Don’t forget the real world!

Whilst we’re still feeling the grip of the pandemic it’s worth considering where face-to-face meetings and interaction could take place. We appreciate that some will still feel nervous about this. We also recognise that many businesses will now comprise a workforce that is far more geographically dispersed. But it’s worth consideration, especially for the more gregarious. 

Now, over to you! How have you and your teams imaginatively livened up the online working week?