Now that we’re in the midst of the summer holidays most businesses will have staff disappearing for a week or two. Whilst this can be seen as ‘downtime’ in terms of productivity, these holiday days can be used to your advantage. If you’re planning a break yourself, don’t be tempted to take your machine with you! 

Upgrading and updating system software can be a time-consuming process but is essential to keep machines, and subsequently businesses, running smoothly. By undertaking essential maintenance to machines during holiday periods, downtime can be minimised and staff will return to a fully functional, upgraded machine which benefits from the latest software. 

By proactively keeping PCs upgraded also helps to reduce the need for emergency IT support when machines fail, which can potentially lead to drops in productivity, missed deadlines and unhappy customers. 

So as soon as that holiday form drops onto your desk then drop us a line. We’ll let you know what upgrades and updates you require and book machines in for the pampering that they deserve, while you and your staff get the break you deserve 🙂.