Need IT kit that is up to the job? Ask Net Primates.  

As HP Gold Partners we’ve been endorsed as qualified resellers and will work with you to develop your IT strategy – that way you’ll always have the right kit for the job – no more and no less. 

We don’t want to provide you with a ‘quick fix’. We’d much rather help you maintain an efficient business using business IT hardware that you can rely on; kit that is the right spec, properly configured, regularly backed-up, and under warranty. 

15 minutes every 6 months is all it takes… 

IT Strategy may sound daunting, but it really isn’t – and we can guide you through the process. Book an hour-long strategy meeting with Net Primates and we’ll spend a quarter of it discussing your current IT kit, plans for the future, and how your IT kit needs will change. For example, if you have a machine that’s nearing the end of it’s warranty we can discuss when the next computer needs to arrive. And if new starters are planned, get their kit ordered and configured in advance. In addition, we’ll talk about cyber security, remote working policies and staff training – all this in one hour, and you’ll have kit that is fit for purpose whenever you need it. 

Flip this on its head and how does it look? 

There are other ways that IT issues can be ‘solved’. You can wait until things go horribly wrong, with hardware that is not up to the job failing miserably. Signs that an emergency is looming can look something like this: 

  • You have been ignoring the signs that your computer is struggling until you’re about to throw it out of the window in sheer frustration
  • You have got a new member of staff starting and haven’t got their IT kit in place 
  • Your business is reliant on equipment that is so old that it will inevitably stop working – it won’t turn on one day creating an instant crisis within your business. 

Next step: you rush out to the nearest hardware supplier on the high street and acquire what you believe will be suitable. Be warned! Kit may look the part, but it’s what’s under the bonnet that counts… Business-grade equipment is designed to cope with constant usage that businesses demand – consumer-grade hardware is not! Home PCs are ideal for irregular use – not the 24/7 hammering that computers within a business endure.  

There’s also the risk that security features will not be adequate for business use – as we all know, IT security is vital to avoid costly downtime, maintain integrity and avoid reputational damage. And then there’s the warranty and support – business-grade equipment provided by Net Primates will benefit from a 3 year warranty, ensuring the kit is supported for the entire duration of its recommended lifetime. You may think you are getting a bargain on the high street, but the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ is never more true – consumer-grade kit is cheap for a reason, and you will likely be getting far less value for money. 

And there are further advantages to planned IT… 

Plan ahead for the purchase of new kit and you’ll avoid downtime, and the need to dash out to the high street, prevent rising stress-levels within your team, and keep your customers happy with unbroken service. A planned IT cycle will ensure you always have the right kit for the job and that it’s been budgeted for – not an unplanned purchase to mess with your bottom line. 

Keep your staff happy! Team members are never happier than when they have the necessary equipment to do their job – there’s nothing more frustrating than being given a task to do that can’t be fulfilled because the tools just aren’t up to it. Computers that are more than 3 years old may not support the latest software and will no longer be covered by warranty. 

So, what’s new?

Dual screens are becoming commonplace, preferred by many who operate several pieces of software simultaneously. Get the job done, quicker and easier. 

For the minimalists among us, docking monitors and docking stations are proving popular.  Desk space is simplified and maximised with devices that are connected via USB. Cables are reduced and you have the capacity to connect several devices via USB. 

Give your team the right kit for the job and your customers will reap the rewards. 

So, are there any other benefits of using a HP Gold Partner? 

To achieve our Gold Partner status Net Primates have had to prove that we can be trusted to provide the best possible level of sales expertise, support and business engagement. HP have endorsed us as qualified resellers so that you can feel reassured that we’ll provide you with the right IT kit for your requirements, and provide the support that you need throughout the product’s lifetime.  

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