We’ve recently heard about an Influencer who had their password hacked. They were then held to ransom, didn’t pay up, and lost all their followers. 

Whilst Influencer Marketing online is a relatively new phenomenon, it is highly lucrative. Despite the relaxed and stress-free lifestyles portrayed on social media channels, a huge amount of time and effort goes in to building up a following that will reap significant financial reward.  

Influencing is a job, or rather a business, and as such presents a cyberattack target. 

Whilst some Influencers will have other people working with them, many will be loan rangers. Either way, putting a rigorous password policy in place, that is upheld, shouldn’t be too onerous. A few minutes spent ensuring password security could be the difference between a flourishing business and the end of an Influencer career.  

Hackers are fully aware of the implications of their actions when they hack or steal a password, and will place a value on it accordingly. They understand that Influencers rely on a large following to command an income from sponsors – take away the followers and the business needs to start from scratch. 

As with any business, it’s vital that IT Security is given priority in order to prevent the risk of a ruinous attack. 

We’ve produced a collection of short, informative videos giving tips on password creation, password managers, Multi Factor Authentication and what to do if your password is hacked or stolen. Following a few simple tips could make the difference between a flourishing Influencer business and the end of a following.