Is your organisation changing to cater for new market conditions? 

If ‘yes’ we’d recommend that you update your IT Strategy as soon as possible. 

This isn’t as onerous as you may imagine. One hour spent reviewing your current IT provision and how that will change in the short to medium term will suffice. And if you need us to guide you through the process then get in touch.   

Consider the age of your IT kit.

Is it still in warranty? If not, we’d seriously recommend that you purchase new business grade kit. By having a warranty in place you’ll be much more protected should anything go wrong, receiving replacement kit in a timely manner.  

And is the kit up to the job? 

Many businesses are increasing their online presence possibly requiring more robust kit, meatier broadband and improved telephony. 

Will you have more of your team working remotely?

And will these same team members also be working on site at times? Make sure that each team member has kit that is suitable for working across multiple locations, and that adequate security and back-ups are in place. 

Do you need to consider an enhanced staff training programme?

A little regular time spent educating your team on the value of thorough IT security practices, backing up and not using Shadow IT, will help for a smoother transition to different working arrangements. 

Make the right decisions now and you could save yourself time and money further down the line. You’ll benefit from greater business efficiency and a happier team. 

With so many of our customers in the grips of change we’re concentrating all our efforts on helping out wherever we can – if you need our assistance please do get in touch.

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