Does your IT provision keep you up at night (or send you to sleep because it’s going so slowly)? 

Or are your staff complaining that nothing works properly, and that everything is taking too long?

Outdated and inadequate IT can prevent businesses from growing and thriving and, can present an increased risk of being on the receiving end of a cyberattack; the result of delaying thorough IT fixes can lead to inefficient working, frustrated staff members and can prove catastrophic if IT security is breached. 

Here are some signs that you need to address IT issues:  

  • Staff complain about underperforming IT  
  • Cybersecurity is not a central theme of policy and training  
  • Emails are not backed up  
  • Backups of data and emails are inconsistent  
  • Passwords are shared  
  • Software licences are not maintained  
  • Unapproved ‘Shadow IT’ is used  
  • IT kit warranties are out of date  

The list could go on. Basically, if little thought is given to IT provision or security then chances are there will be many areas that are harming your business.  

Take five 

Reviewing what you have is a good place to start, and it really doesn’t take that long. Here are series of questions that need answering:

What kit do you have, is it in warranty and have all upgrades and updates taken place?

Does the kit fit the bill or are staff using their own devices which they consider better able to do the job?

Do staff members have the software they need to do their jobs properly and does the software have the correct licences in place?  

Are backups and security being addressed? This short sentence encompasses a host of questions about where, when and how, PLUS passwords (are they unique and how often are they changed?).  

And what is your IT support provision – are you carrying this out yourselves or is your IT support unreliable? 

Taking stock really does highlight very quickly any areas for concern that need.  

Plan for success 

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but change does need to happen; planning for it also allows you to budget. Plus, tell your team what’s happening; they’ll be motivated to learn that their moans and groans are being listened to.   

Decide what issues are the most urgent and prioritise. We’d always put cybersecurity at the top of the list – without it you are constantly at risk of a potentially devastating attack. And by sorting out cybersecurity you will, in all likelihood, be addressing many other IT issues. For example, outdated machines are a security risk, so by updating you’ll increase your cybersecurity AND obtain the best hardware for the job. 

Policies and procedures  

Make sure that IT provision is never left out of the conversation again. Put policies and procedures in place to ensure machines are regularly updated and upgraded, that passwords are properly managed, and that backups are taking place and are secure.   

Staff training must incorporate cybersecurity and encourage a no-blame culture – staff must be able to report any security issues with ease and confidence.  

Budgets should include the purchase of IT kit, software and support – this will help prevent emergency situations where machines fail and security is breached.  

Too much to handle?  

Yes, this does sound like A LOT to do but we are always here to help – you don’t need to have sleepless nights… or fall asleep at your desk. Technology Business Reviews allow us to work with businesses to determine where they are, what needs to be done, in what order, and how much it will cost. We can also help with staff training, policies and procedures. So, if you know that there are IT issues within your organisation, and need us to help you find a solution, please do get in touch.