Whilst your organisation may have several team members furloughed, the same cannot be said for IT kit.  

Whether PCs, Laptops and Servers are being used is irrelevant to the length of the warranty. So, make sure yours are in date. 

Three years for a PC/Laptop and five years for a server are common warranty lengths for business grade kit – but do make sure, and make a note of all warranty dates. 

Why are warranties so important? Because if something goes wrong with your IT kit it will be replaced in a timely manner, minimising business downtime. 

Keeping a note of your IT warranty expirations is also useful for budgeting. If you find that several warranties expire around the same time, form a plan for replacing IT kit. It may be worth staggering purchases to aid cashflow. 

For more information on IT Warranties CALL 02381 800 800 or visit www.netprimates.com/contact

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