How are those resolutions going? Still going strong? 

One resolution that we’d urge you to make (and keep), if you haven’t done so already, is to form a clear IT strategy and plan for 2019. We know that this is not nearly as exciting as aiming to complete a three peaks challenge, driving across the Sahara in an ice cream van or becoming a 7-day-a-week gym bunny (just some of the resolutions we’ve heard about), but it is certainly achievable and won’t take you as long as you think. 

By proactively forming an IT plan your entire team, and consequently your customers, will feel the benefits. 

So, let’s make a start… it’s really not that difficult 🙂.  

  • Review the IT equipment that you have 
    • Note the age of all IT equipment 
      • PC’s that are coming up to 3 years old should be replaced at some point during the year 
      • Servers coming up to 5 years old should be replaced during the year 
    • Have any team members been complaining about niggles with their IT equipment? If so, make a note of it and form a plan for resolving the issues that they’re having. It may be worth asking all of the team if their equipment is serving their purposes – providing them with the right machine for the job will not only improve their efficiency but also their morale. 
  • Form a timeline for completing any changes 
    • Break the year into quarters 
    • When is your business likely to be most busy? Plan changes outside of busy times. 
    • Are there particular budgeting timeframes to consider? Work around these. 

By proactively forming your IT strategy and plan you’ll be able to budget for any changes, rather than facing a bill when you’re least expecting it. You’ll avoid the inefficiencies caused as machines age and die. And your team (and customers) will love you for it… a win, win situation! 

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses don’t plan for IT and then face the consequences. We know that you don’t want to be like other businesses 🙂. 

If you need help forming your IT strategy and plan then please do let us know – we put together A LOT of these and enjoy seeing your businesses thrive.