As we come up to the holiday season use the time productively rather than viewing it as downtime.  

Now that many of us spend at least some of the time working from home it’s essential that we take proper breaks. Whether you and your teams are having staycations or travelling further afield consider leaving the laptops alone. Let them have a break too.

As soon as holidays are booked arrange for any vital upgrades and updates to be carried out. Also, make sure that tickets for ‘out of office’ replies are logged. You and your staff can then relax, knowing that you’ll return to speedy, efficient and up-to-date machines.  

Upgrading and updating system software can be a time-consuming process but is essential to keep machines, and subsequently businesses, running smoothly. By undertaking essential maintenance to IT kit during holiday periods, downtime will be minimised and staff morale will be maximised. Proactively keeping your IT kit up to date also helps to reduce the need for emergency IT support when machines fail, which can potentially lead to drops in productivity, missed deadlines and unhappy customers.  

So, get in touch as soon as you can to book your machines in for a well-deserved pamper. We’ll let you know what upgrades and updates are needed and book machines in for the treatment they deserve, while you and your staff get the breaks you deserve.