It’s that time of year again, when the holiday forms drop with rapidity. Don’t see it as downtime but use it proactively to your strategic advantage. 

Holidays are often seen as periods of reduced productivity, but they can present perfect moments to maintain and care for your IT equipment. 

With the increasing prevalence of remote work, distinguishing between work and home life becomes challenging. Separating employees from their devices during breaks can facilitate a genuine disconnection from work, leading to a more revitalised return. For managers and business owners, it’s equally important to disconnect and entrust your IT concerns to professionals as you step away from the workplace. 

Maintenance and Upgrades  

The process of updating and upgrading system software, while time-intensive, is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency. Performing this essential maintenance during holidays can reduce operational disruptions, ensuring employees return to an improved and updated workstation. 

Equipment Replacement 

For businesses with PCs and laptops nearing the end of their warranty period, typically around three years, the holiday season is an opportune time to replace and update these devices. This not only enhances staff performance but also boosts morale. 

Enhancing Productivity Through Proactivity  

Regularly updating PCs minimises the necessity for emergency IT support due to device failures, which can adversely affect productivity, lead to missed deadlines, and result in dissatisfied clients. 

Scheduling Your Device for a Holiday 

When the time comes to submit your holiday request, reach out to us. We’ll advise you on the necessary upgrades and identify devices due for replacement. Schedule your devices for the maintenance they need, ensuring you and your team enjoy the well-deserved break.