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Microsoft Office 365 is a productivity cloud-based platform designed and built by Microsoft. Commonly known in software circles as a software system, it incorporates all the applications that a business operating in today’s world needs, including:

  • Word – documents
  • Excel – spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint – presentation slides
  • Teams – meet, chat, call and collaborate
  • Outlook – email, calendar, tasks and contacts
  • OneDrive – save, access, edit and share files and photos wherever you are
  • SharePoint – share information, files and resources across your team
  • Access – create and share business apps without being a developer
  • Publisher – create polished, professional layouts

In this article, we focus on common questions we are asked about Microsoft 365’s key features and their benefits to businesses.

Is Microsoft 365 important to have in a business?

We recommend Microsoft 365 to support businesses in their day to day operations. It is a very powerful platform, it is the market leader in its field, and it forms the core backbone of most companies’ IT infrastructure.

Why should I use Microsoft 365 over its competitors?

All platforms have their place. However, Microsoft 365 is more widely adopted than other platforms, and it has more integrations than any other software service.

What is Microsoft 365’s security and compliance like?

There are a number of robust and high-tech security and compliance features built into Microsoft 365 to ensure that all your data and documents are stored securely, and are compliant with all the relevant regulatory requirements.

Do I get access to regular updates and new features?

Microsoft 365 offers regular updates to all of their features and software. This means that you always have the latest features and options available to make your business work ever better, every day. 

What about collaboration and flexibility?

Microsoft 365 can be especially powerful for teams that are working in a hybrid environment or in different locations. 

Where there is a mixture of people being office-based or working from home, or even across the globe, Microsoft 365 offers a great feature that gives you enhanced collaboration, enabling you to work on the same document and share ideas in real time.

Being able to work in this way gives a business fantastic flexibility.

What is Microsoft Teams and how can my business benefit from using it?

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that can be installed on your desktop or within the browser. 

You can use it to work online with your internal colleagues and people external to your business, as it allows you to chat, share videos and share documents.

How is Microsoft Teams different to Zoom?

Microsoft Teams is used more for collaboration. It is a hub that gives you and your colleagues the opportunity to have real time conversations over video, share files, and incorporates business process automation and a workspace that puts apps and information where you’ll be talking about work.

Although Zoom does have some of those features built in, it is primarily used for webinars and video conferencing.

What is the difference between SharePoint and OneDrive?

OneDrive primarily serves as your storage platform for all the files on your personal drive. SharePoint is the storage platform where, as the name suggests, colleagues share folders and files amongst their teams.

Can Microsoft 365 scale with my business?

There are various pricing plans available for businesses. As your needs change and grow, Microsoft 365 can scale with you. 

The fixed monthly cost per user set up gives you the stability and consistency of knowing exactly how much you need to budget for. All its features are included with your monthly plan.

What is the difference between purchasing Microsoft 365 and subscribing to Microsoft 365?

The key benefit of subscribing to Microsoft 365 instead of purchasing it outright, is that you have access to ongoing downloads of the latest versions of whatever software you have purchased in your subscription.

You can also download the latest version of Microsoft 365 on up to five devices, i.e. your laptop, desktop, mobile phone, tablet and so on.

If you purchase Microsoft 365, you’re buying the version of it that exists at that point in time. Although you will be eligible for updates, you won’t get access to new features that come out at a later date.

Do I own and keep control of my documents with a Microsoft 365 subscription?

Yes, you always own your data that is stored on the cloud, however we always stress that it is important to make sure that your data is always backed up and secure.

Do I need internet access to use Microsoft 365?

You can use Microsoft 365 without an active internet connection as all the software is downloaded on your devices. When you are next online with an internet connection, Microsoft 365 will then sync all your changes and additions to the cloud to keep you up to date.

What happens to my data and documents if I cancel my Microsoft 365 subscription?

If you cancel your active subscription with Microsoft 365, you will have access to your data associated with your Microsoft 365 account in a limited function account for 90 days then your data will be lost. So, if you do plan to cancel your subscription, we recommend that you store your data away from the cloud before you press the button on your cancellation.

How can Net Primates help my business with Microsoft 365?

If you already have Microsoft 365 in your business, we can review your current platform to make sure it is all set up safely and efficiently and working well for your team.

If you are looking to subscribe to Microsoft 365 for your business, we can discuss with you what you want to achieve, and help you to set it up to best suit your needs.

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