Whilst your router may be working ‘perfectly well’, in reality you may be suffering from unnecessarily slow connectivity.  

If your router is coming up to five years old, we’d recommend you plan to replace it.  

You could well be experiencing decent coverage (everyone that needs WiFi is getting it). But chances are the router is not supplying the speeds you could be getting. 

As the internet continues to increasingly dominate our working lives, so all the technology that surrounds it evolves at pace. New software is developed to cater for our every business whim, phone systems become increasingly integrated via the internet, and WiFi use on mobile phones escalates. We recently mentioned the phenomenal, and completely understandable growth in the use of video conferencing; this has certainly stretched internet provision to the max! If your router was made five years ago it’s unlikely to be able to cater for the latest connectivity demands. 

For any business that wishes to remain efficient and competitive, having decent internet connectivity is essential. Ensuring that your router is up-to-date will help ensure you’re getting the best speeds and coverage that’s possible in your area. 

As you consider the router that you have in your office space, it’s also worth finding out what provision any remote-working staff have within their home offices. You need your teams to be as productive as possible, wherever they’re working, and replacing their home router could work wonders. 

There are a wide range of routers on the market, from the basic to those laden with complex features. If you’re not sure what you need, we can help. We’ll evaluate your business requirements and recommend routers that will best meet your needs. We can also discuss any connectivity issues that you’re having and make recommendations for any changes will help.