With the inflationary pressures that we’re all facing most individuals and businesses are keeping a close eye on expenditure. 

Businesses that face increased fuel and supply costs will be keeping a beady eye on the balance sheet, making savings wherever possible. 

Here are some tips to keep your IT expenditure as low as possible: 

  1. Ask for help before making an IT purchase. By discussing your requirements with IT specialists, such as Net Primates, you may find that there are more economical solutions available than you had anticipated. As an example, you may assume that you need high specification kit when a lower spec may be ample for your requirements. 
  1. Don’t buy from the high street. Business-grade kit, from business suppliers, will be more suitable for office hours usage and will be less likely to leave you with downtime while you get your unsuitable machine repaired. 
  1. If you’re thinking of buying new software, think again. Yes, the purchase may be perfectly justified but there may be more to your current software than you originally thought. By spending a little time investigating the capabilities of your software you may find that you already have what you need. 
  1. Plan for purchases rather than waiting for a machine to break down, and order early to avoid even more inflation. Prevent expensive downtime caused while you wait for machines that are still in short supply following the pandemic. 
  1. How much time are you spending sorting out IT issues? You may find that using external expert support to resolve IT issues is more cost-effective and delivers more satisfactory results. 

If your business is suffering due to external pressures outside of your control, and you need advice on the best ways of saving money on IT, ask us for help