We wouldn’t recommend that anyone buys cheap IT kit, but spending less is not always a bad thing. It is possible to have better kit for less money, and there are no strings attached. And sometimes an investment in new kit will save maintenance and repair costs. 

Here’s a couple of examples of how we’ve recently helped clients save money… 

One client saved £900 on two new computers. They were all set to purchase two new Apple computers at a cost £2,800. Following our advice, the client instead bought two HP business grade laptops for £1,900 and now have machines that are exactly right for their requirements. 

Another client asked us how much it would cost to update their computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10. We advised that because of the age of the old hardware it wasn’t worth upgrading their current 5year+ machines but instead it would make financial and business sense to buy a new machine. By looking at cost over a year they saved approximately £500. 

The computer marketplace is large and complex and it’s not always obvious which is the best avenue to take. If you need to make an IT purchase, please do ask us for help and advice before making a decision. We’ll run through the options available to you, that will best fulfill your need, and will show you where any cost savings can be made. 


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