IT Support is an essential component for businesses looking to thrive. Here we explore why IT is so valuable and what the alternatives might look like. 

The value of IT Support 

Proactive approach 

At Net Primates we don’t just wait for problems to occur; we actively monitor and maintain your IT systems to prevent issues from happening in the first place. This can help avoid downtime and keep your business operations running smoothly. 

Broad expertise 

The IT landscape is vast, with new technologies emerging all the time. Specialist IT Support brings a wide range of expertise to the table, ensuring that your business benefits from the latest in technology, security, and efficiency. 

Cost savings 

Hiring a full-time, in-house IT team with the same level of expertise as an IT Support provider can be expensive. At Net Primates we offer access to a team of experts at a more manageable cost, providing significant savings over the long term. 


As your business grows, your IT needs will change. Support services offer flexible packages that can be scaled to match your business’s needs, whether you’re expanding or need to cut back. 

Risk management 

With cyber threats on the rise and compliance regulations becoming more stringent, managing IT risks is critical. We will help provide maximum levels of cybersecurity and training, protecting you as much as possible from cyberattack, potential fines and reputational damage. We’ll also help you prepare a plan in case the worst should happen and you become victim to a cyberattack. As a comparison think fire prevention and fire drill – one prevents and one prepares for the worst.

The alternatives 

In-house IT support 

Managing IT in-house comes with its own set of challenges, including the need for significant investment in staff and technology, and potentially limited expertise. 

Break/fix services 

This model involves only seeking IT help when something breaks. While it may seem cost-effective in the short term, it’s reactive and can lead to higher costs and more significant disruptions over time. 

DIY IT management 

Some small businesses may attempt to handle IT management on their own. This can be challenging without the necessary expertise, potentially leading to inadequate IT infrastructure and security vulnerabilities. 


IT support from specialists such as Net Primates offers a comprehensive, proactive, and cost-effective solution for managing your business’s IT needs. Using a service such as ours ensures expertise, scalability, and risk management, which are critical for businesses operating in today’s digital environment. While alternatives like in-house IT support, break/fix services, or DIY IT management are options, they often come with higher risks and may not offer the same level of service and security as partnering with an external provider. In short, for businesses looking to maximise their IT efficiency and security, IT Support providers are an ideal option. For more information on how Net Primates can provide your business with all the support it needs get in touch