Unmask cybersecurity by asking as many questions as you need to. We are here to help and would much rather answer your question than receive the dreaded call to say that your business has been hacked. Yes, we’re immersed in technology and love a bit of techy jargon, but we don’t expect you to be! So, the next time you are feeling uneasy about a cybersecurity issue, or simply want to learn more, get in touch. 

Curiosity did not kill the cat 

Step into the world of cybersecurity, where curiosity is king and there’s no such thing as a silly question. Here we unveil the power of asking anything and everything when it comes to discussing cybersecurity. 

Imagine a business owner nervously inquiring, “Can hackers see my cat pictures?” It might sound trivial, but such questions unveil common concerns and help tailor cybersecurity solutions that keep your systems, your client data (and your cat photos) safe. Let’s face it – if the hacker can see your cat pics stored on your business system then they can probably access your client and financial data. In fact, hackers prey on those little personal details that we don’t see as relevant to business – they just want to find a way in. So, ask yourself (and us) what the hackers can see on your systems, and we’ll look in to it for you. 

We’ll be able to share insights on securing all of your files, from feline to financial, implementing robust access controls and helping you develop your cybersecurity and cyber resilience planning. So, remember – no question is too small when it comes to protecting what matters. 

Cybersecurity for the non-techie 

We appreciate that not everyone speaks fluent ‘tech’ and do our best at translating complex jargon into plain English, but if you don’t understand something, please says so! Last year we issued our updated Jargon Buster, but if you come across terminology that you don’t understand (or that we haven’t explained) get in touch. So, if you ask us, “Is a firewall like a moat for my computer?”, it’s a golden opportunity to demystify cybersecurity in language everyone can understand. 

Outsmarting the hackers 

Imagine asking, “Can I outsmart a hacker with a catchy password like ‘password1234’?” While the answer is a firm “No” this question opens the door to a crucial conversation about password hygiene, multi-factor authentication, and the importance of a robust password policy. So, don’t be afraid to ask… better than keep using ‘password1234’ and leaving your cyber door wide open. 

Embracing the ‘No such thing as a silly question’ philosophy 

In the cybersecurity world, every question is a chance to learn and fortify defences. We value enquiries about the weirdest phishing emails, the legitimacy of a cybersecurity-themed board game, or even whether a tinfoil hat is an effective defence against data breaches. Spoiler alert: it’s not! 

Remember when you wondered, “Can my smart fridge be hacked?” That’s not just a quirky question; it’s a glimpse into the Internet of Things (IoT) vulnerabilities. We can guide businesses in securing every connected device, turning curiosity into cybersecurity superpowers. 

Don’t be shy 

In the world of cybersecurity, there’s no room for embarrassment or hesitation. Questions, no matter how unusual, are the keys to unlocking a fortress of knowledge and protection. So, the next time you find yourself pondering a peculiar cybersecurity query, don’t shy away — ask away! After all, the only ‘silly’ question is the one left unasked.