Too often we assume our software isn’t up to the job and seek pastures new. But the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. 

Sometimes we just need to spend a bit of time learning more about the software we already have. We can’t speak for everyone, but we are aware of how complex software has become and how it’s not uncommon for users to miss new features as they emerge. 

Often there are features seemingly hidden within our current software suite that, if used, would help to make our jobs easier, more efficient and more enjoyable.  

How do you know what you don’t know? 

Firstly, book out some time in your diary to explore your software. You don’t have to spend hours/days/months becoming a software guru – just one hour could well provide you with enlightenment that improves your working week. 

During your training hour decide if there is a certain problem that you need to solve or whether you simply want to learn something new. 

Solve a problem

If you have a problem to solve, firstly use the ‘Help’ tool if there is one. If that doesn’t give you the answers you need try consulting Google or YouTube – the wealth of online help is amazing. There are so many useful short videos that you will probably find the answer you need. If your problem is complex you may consider purchasing a book on the subject or asking your software provider for an account review. There’s also the option of posting your question in a relevant forum. And if you get stuck, there’s always Net Primates 😊. 

Explore software

If you simply want to explore your software, why not take a look at one of the menus? Find a tool that you haven’t used before within the menu and use it! If it’s not obvious what it’s for, either consult the Help facility or once again consult Google / a manual / your provider. 

We fully appreciate that there are occasions where new software is required, but we’d encourage you to get to know the software you already have. Simple tools and tricks can make the world of difference, potentially saving yourself significant time.  

Had a successful training hour? Why not make it a regular calendar entry. And how about introducing a training hour per week for your team members? Encourage learning and sharing among your team and productivity will no doubt increase. 

Not sure what you need or where to find the answers? We’re here to help!