Do you have your IT strategy and plan in place for 2022? If not, we’d recommend you make one – it’s not that onerous, honestly! 

Just one hour spent planning could make the difference between unexpected emergency IT purchases and a smooth transition from one PC to another.  

Items to consider within your plan 


Are any items of IT kit displaying issues? Little niggles can soon turn into catastrophes if left to fester. So, don’t ignore the problems that you and your teams are facing – proactively ask your staff if they are encountering IT glitches and plan to get them resolved. 


Check when your IT kit warranties are up. Net Primates PCs come with 3 years and Servers with 5. Warranties ensure you’ll get replacement kit as soon as possible should you need it, but they also serve as a reminder of the age of the kit. Kit that’s out of warranty will not be best suited to new software, it won’t be as receptive to upgrades and updates, and will be slower than newer machines.  


Surprises are only good for birthdays – having to purchase IT kit in an emergency is not just inefficient, but it could also negatively impact your cashflow. Planning for kit purchases ensures that budgets are in place and highlights where multiple items are needed around the same time – if this is the case staggering purchases could be considered. 

Staffing changes 

Are you aware of any staffing changes that will be taking place throughout the year? If the business is planning for growth ensure you have the right kit in place for new starters. And if some of your workers are changing work patterns, such as increased remote working, is the kit they have suitable? 


We don’t know what 2022 has in store for us, but we do need to expect the unexpected. We are still experiencing delivery issues as the global supply chain continues to falter. The more notice you can allow for new IT kit, the better. 

Cyber Security 

Do you have all Cyber Security bases covered? We recommend you treat Cyber Security as you would your burglar alarm or fire extinguishers. Without thorough Cyber Security in place you are at significant risk of a cyberattack which could cause significant disruption to your business. We hear about attacks all the time, and not just to big businesses – SMEs are as much of a target. 


Do you have the best software for the job? We recently blogged about upskilling sometimes being the better alternative to buying new software, but you need to be aware of what’s available. Consider the tasks that are being carried out and evaluate which software caters for your needs the best. If you realise that you have the best software, but that your teams are not using it effectively, put a training plan in place.  

Upgrades and updates 

Have all your machines received the latest upgrades and updates? If not, you could be missing out on vital security, the best speeds and better tools. 

IT Support 

Do you have adequate IT Support in place or would you benefit from increased provision? Are you spending too long trying to resolve issues using time that would be better spent on your core business? 

Whilst the above list may seem extensive much of it can be covered off reasonably quickly, and frankly, time spent is well spent – you will reap rewards throughout the year. IT is such a major part of many businesses these days that problems can quickly bring operations to a halt. If you’d like to conduct your planning exercise whilst receiving expert advice then book a Technology Business Review with Net Primates and we’ll help you get fit for 2022.