Fed up of Christmas TV and want something useful to watch?

Tune in to see Steve and Rupert on YouTube. 

More short ‘n’ sweet videos have been added this year to provide you with information that will help to keep your business safe and productive. Plus, with the continued blurring of the lines between work and home IT, most of the information will be useful to help keep your domestic IT secure as well.

Videos added during 2023 include:

  • Physical Cyber Attack Devices
  • Keeping your company details off the dark web
  • The Dark Web FAQs
  • Using Microsoft 365 within your business
  • Should your business use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

Top Tips

As an example of the top tips you’ll learn, take a look at the Physical Cyber Attack Devices video to find out what a Rubber Ducky is and how to avoid one. Discover why you should never plug in an OMG Cable. Plus, Steve will tell you why pineapple should not just be avoided on a pizza. Pick up vital tips to help keep cybersecurity where it should be – always on your radar. 

We make it a priority to keep you as informed as possible about cybersecurity and how to maintain it. Please do take just a few minutes here and there to stay up to date and keep your business as safe as possible. As the tips are also useful in your home life, and that of your friends and family, please do pass the link on. Hackers are resilient – to beat them we all need to work together and help each other.