Imagine your business’s cybersecurity as a fortress. Now, ask yourself, is it more Fort Knox or a cardboard box hastily taped together?  

At Net Primates we recently came across the cardboard box scenario when we carried out a cybersecurity gap analysis by scanning a business’s seven computers. We were able to download 1,400 passwords of which 600 were available on the dark web. The business owner’s daughter’s name was used as a password over 100 times. 

This blog is here to tell you why a good password policy and password management tool are essential to strengthen your cyber barriers. You don’t just need great products in place – you and your teams also need to understand the vital roles you play as soldiers in the cybersecurity battle. 

The risks of weak password practices 

Using ‘123456’ as your password is like putting a ‘ROB ME’ sign on your digital front door. It’s a welcome mat for cyber baddies! We’ve all heard horror stories: businesses losing more than just their lunch money because someone thought ‘Admin’ was a hacker-proof password. Spoiler alert: it’s not. 

Benefits of a strong password policy 

Enhanced security: a strong password is like a secret handshake to your digital club – no riff-raff allowed. 

Compliance and reputation: imagine explaining to customers that their data is gone because your passwords were as strong as a wet paper bag. Not fun, right? 

Preventing data breaches: a good password policy is the digital equivalent of having a superhero to guard your files. It’s less about wearing capes, more about thwarting cyber-villains. 

Key elements of an effective password policy 

Complexity requirements: we’re talking about passwords that even a wizard couldn’t guess – something more creative than ‘Abracadabra123’. 

Password changes: change your passwords more often than you change your mind – keep the bad guys guessing. 

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): it’s like a secret handshake followed by a secret dance – more steps mean more security. 

Employee education and training: train your team to be password ninjas – stealthy, smart, and not easily fooled. 

Password management tools: not everything needs to be hard – make life easier by using a password management tool. And remember, if you need an even easier route, we can help.  


Your password policy can make or break your cybersecurity strategy. If you’re struggling to fortify your defences reach out to us, and let’s turn your cardboard box into Fort Knox. We promise, no wizardry, just good old-fashioned cybersecurity expertise (with no tape needed…).