As we look into our crystal ball we have a pretty clear idea of the trajectory of travel for IT in 2020… and the predominant theme is Cyber Security. READ ON to discover how your business could be impacted. 

  • With just 9% of micro businesses being aware of Cyber Essentials, just 51% of businesses having cyber protection in place and 75% of employees receiving fraudulent emails we predict that many more businesses will be victims of potentially devastating cyber security breaches. We will do everything within our power to educate businesses within Hampshire of the risks they face and how to avoid them. If you are worried about your business please do get in touch. 
  • Password Policies, Passwords Managers, and Multi Factor  Authentication  (MFA) will become more commonplace, and they REALLY need to! On a personal level most of us will be finding that online tools are adding greater security (think internet banking) and this will become increasingly prevalent within the business sector. Watch this space for more information on how you can improve your Password Policies, introduce Password Managers and MFA, or contact us… 
  • Despite awareness of the Government’s Cyber Essentials being pretty low at the moment we predict that take-up will be far greater in 2020. The risks of doing nothing have started to outweigh the effort needed to gain accreditation. In addition, customers, suppliers and stakeholders will become more demanding, wanting to work only with those businesses that can demonstrate a responsible attitude to data protection. 

We’ll keep you updated throughout 2020 but if you want to seek our advice or opinion on any of the above (or any other IT issues that are preying on your mind) then please do get in touch.  

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