Join us on Tuesday 27th September for ‘End User Cyber Security Training’. 

Training will be held online and booking links will follow.  

This course is specifically designed for the members of your team that use your IT systems. As we’ve mentioned recently, having a strong Human Firewall in place is essential to increase vital cyber security provision. By attending this course your staff will understand their role in the battle against cybercrime, and will be better prepared to protect your business from potential threats. 

If you are an existing client of Net Primates this training will be delivered FREE OF CHARGE. We’ll be emailing out with booking links soon. 

Not a Net Primates customer? If you’re concerned about cyber security within your organisation and want to empower your staff please do get in touch

Think you’re completely clued-up on cyber security? You could well be, but we would point out that cyber threats are continuously evolving. Training will ensure your knowledge is up to date and reinforce those vital prevention messages.  

Finally, we’d love to see your team members participating in this course. Our last course, directed at business leaders, was held face-to-face, before Covid-19 had been heard off. We’re delighted to be back in front of our customers, helping local businesses stay as cyber secure as possible.