As we’ve discovered over the past 18 months, we can’t be prepared for every eventuality. Pre-2020 we would remind you to think about holiday cover and staff changes to ensure you had adequate IT provision.

Things seem way more fluid these days. The pandemic has highlighted that whilst we can’t plan for everything, we do need to be prepared for the unexpected. In reality, once prepared, workers can be more productive and efficient. Gone are the days when it was impossible to quickly change working venues – it’s now the norm for many. 

Hybrid Working 

Hybrid Working has created a demand for different types of IT. Way more laptops are needed alongside better home broadband, home-based printers and more advanced phone systems. When you’re planning for the future, it’s safe to assume that many staff will want the flexibility to work from home at least some of the time. Whilst we appreciate that it’s uncommon for all IT kit to be replaced in one go, it is possible to plan for changes. Planning not only allows for better budgeting but you can also inform staff of changes that are in the pipeline – this could help if they’re feeling despondent about the kit that they have. 

IT Security 

As we continually highlight, strong IT Security is essential. We need to have plans in place that are both proactive and reactive. Proactive IT Security ensures we’re doing everything we can to prevent a cyberattack. Reactive IT Security recognises that not all cyberattacks can be predicted so an emergency plan needs to be in place should an attack occur. 

IT Support 

Planning reduces the need for emergency IT support, but it’s always good to have a package in place should you need it. Do you have adequate in-house IT knowledge (and are the relevant staff always available), or would you benefit from external IT support providers that specialise in the supply of professional IT provision. 

So, are you prepared for the unexpected? 

If not, start the planning process. It doesn’t have to be onerous or long-winded – even one hour could prove productive! Whilst we can’t predict the future we can help to future-proof our businesses. 

Not sure how to prepare? Ask us at Net Primates. We can carry out a Technology Business Review, aiding your business to function better now and in the future.