If you’ve recently had to swiftly decamp from work to home, have your backup systems accompanied you? Now is the time to check – don’t leave it until there is an emergency situation. 

The consequences of not backing up can have significant implications. 

Imagine losing all the work you completed yesterday. Then multiply that by all of the work your employees produced. And now multiply that by weeks… Essentially, that is the extent of what could be lost if backups have not been configured properly. 

Backups are not often needed… but that’s not the point. 

It’s easy to become complacent over backups, particularly if you’ve never had to use them. But, when you do need to retrieve data, backups can suddenly seem priceless.  

If you suffer a system failure or your system is hacked, then there is the potential that all your data will be lost. Hackers are aware that many businesses have had to change their working practices at speed and can use this to their advantage. They know that some businesses have left themselves vulnerable to attack by not adequately updating their security systems and backups, so are ripe for receiving a Ransomware demand. 

On a smaller scale, you could simply find that your laptop doesn’t boot up in the morning. Not a major issue – it’s not too much of a problem to get another laptop. But if your work hasn’t been backed up since you went into lockdown this could prove painful. 

Whatever the scale of a data loss, there will be pain at some level if backups haven’t been made. 

Best case scenario is that you can ‘simply’ redo the work that’s been created on an individual laptop. So, instead of undertaking the latest batch of work to come in, you’ll also be redoing work previously completed. 

Worst case is that all company data produced since lockdown has been lost and needs to somehow be recreated or retrieved. Not only is this time-consuming and costly, but can also lead to significant reputational damage. Additionally, you may find that you’re in breach of data protection rules and face crippling fines. 

To conclude, the consequences of inadequate backups can prove extremely costly in time, reputation and cold hard cash. 

The good news is that backups are not difficult to set up and can be set up remotely by IT specialists where necessary. Once up and running they won’t impact your day, and may help you sleep better at night! 

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