Whatever your views on social media, be warned that it can lure us into a false sense that we’re sharing among friends. And yes, we are… mostly! Beware – what you’re sharing with your friends and family could also be viewed by cybercriminals.  

Within business we use social media to educate, promote and publicise, and the messages are carefully tailored to meet our customers’ requirements. However, when using social media on a personal basis we are generally less disciplined. And whilst you may have your privacy settings locked down, have your staff also activated the same settings? 

We’re not suggesting that you don’t use social media (we do), but just be mindful what you’re posting. And make sure that your team members are also being careful. 

Cybercriminals are always looking for the easy way in. As an example, if they see that someone has changed jobs recently they will view this as a vulnerability… a way in. They could target the new starter online, via email and even over the phone, knowing that they may not yet be fully up to speed with cyber security procedures within the business. The lesson here is to make sure that your new starters are immediately trained in cyber security. They don’t just need to understand how to behave within the working environment, but also how excess sharing on social media could negatively impact the business. 

Is your business closing for any reason, such as for an awayday. Yes, this is a great thing to do, but is it wise to share ahead of the event? Even if team members are excited to have time away from the day job, don’t let criminals aware that your premises are being left unmanned – ‘traditional’ criminals may make use of this information. 

So, make sure that both you and your staff members are using social media with caution. We’re not out to ruin your fun, after all, despite some negative publicity, social media is an important aspect in keeping many people connected. But take a pause before you share. Could your post be viewed by a cybercriminal to infiltrate your business?