Has your business IT changed since the Covid-19 pandemic hit us just over two years ago? 

If your business model stayed exactly the same then there really is no reason why your Business IT should have changed, other than regular updates and upgrades. However, if you’re one of the many businesses that introduced changes to working patterns, forced or not, we hope that your Business IT has seen significant changes. 

Cyber Security 

Do your hybrid workers now use IT devices that have all the Cyber Security provision that onsite devices pocess? All businesses are at risk of a Cyberattack, but those without adequate Cyber Security face a much greater risk of severe disruption. 


Are offsite devices backed up in the same way that onsite devices are? Any loss of data is a pain, but without regular backups taking place the consequences of a data loss are far greater. Think about how much work you have completed today. How much pain would it cause you to redo that work? Multiply that by all your home workers, and by the number of days since the last backup… 

Shadow IT 

If remote workers are still using their home devices your business is not only at increased risk of a Cyberattack, but there’s also the chance that the devices are shared by others in the household. Plus, they may not be fit for purpose causing inefficiencies. 

Video Conferencing 

What would we do without video conferencing?! If your hybrid workers are not benefiting from using suitable hardware and software their experience won’t be much fun. Using a decent webcam, PC and headset helps, as does a strong internet connection. Plus, software has come on in leaps and bounds over the past two years. Microsoft Teams, for example, have introduced a multitude of new features to enhance the user experience. 


Training staff, wherever they are, is essential, particularly where Cyber Security is concerned. With your phenomenal video conferencing facilities you should be able to carry out great staff training on a regular basis, ensuring your staff are fully equipped to understand their role in the security of the business. 

IT Support 

Hybrid workers should be able to access IT Support wherever they’re working in order to maintain productivity. It is vital that their machines are upgraded and updated as often as those of onsite workers. 

Has your Business IT changed? 

If you’re concerned that there are gaps in IT provision for your hybrid workers then we are here to help. We’ll help your business benefit from IT kit and systems that work equally well wherever they are, and maintain vital Cyber Security.