Based in an idyllic setting in Kings Somborne, the team at Buchannan Marquees enjoy working from their rural location. However, until recently they were not enjoying their lack of reliable connectivity. 

The problem 

Buchannan Marquees need space; space to store their marquees and other items for hire. Working from a rural location gives them the room they need to run their business. But this has meant that connectivity had to be sacrificed. Receiving download speeds of around 8Mbps (Megabits per second) caused no end of issues which had serious ramifications for the business. 

It’s sometimes hard to comprehend how much bad connectivity can impact a business. We may just assume that it leads to the slow loading of web pages. But in reality there are far greater impediments than simply a sluggish browsing experience. 

Many of us use software that needs to be updated via the cloud. However, Buchannan couldn’t access the cloud, meaning that they couldn’t use the latest software. They therefore had to settle for using outdated software that wasn’t fit for purpose. In order to operate their business effectively they had to work even harder to remain competitive and deliver phenomenal customer care. 

Team members were unable to work remotely because they couldn’t access the business systems. As we all appreciate, remote working brings many benefits, not just to our lifestyle but also enabling us to work more effectively with and for our customers. Once again, Buchannan were being held back thanks to their location and lack of reliable connectivity. 

The solution 

We are delighted to report that Buchannan Marquees now have the connectivity they deserve, and which is fit for the future. 

By installing a Starlink satellite uplink system Buchannan now have download speeds of around 224Mbps! They are able to use the latest software, enabling them to deliver exceptional customer service. Using VoIP telephone systems and participating in video conferencing is now within their capabilities. Staff can carry out their computer-based tasks with ease. And team members can work remotely – something they have been itching to do for a while. 

All in all, one simple measure has been transformative for business efficiency, making life much easier for the team, and providing an improved customer experience. 

Do you need better connectivity? 

Is your business struggling with connectivity issues? If so, please don’t suffer in silence – let us help find a solution that will deliver within your business. Whether you are on land, at sea or roaming, there is a solution for you.