Hampshire-based accountancy practice, David Tilsley Limited, receive IT support from Net Primates. We recently caught up with owner, David Tilsley, to find out more… 

How long have you used Net Primates for IT provision? 

Originally we used Rupert Walmsley and the ITC team from around 2010. When ITC merged with Net Primates we naturally followed, so have been receiving IT support from them for around 10 years. 

What do Net Primates do for you? 

Net Primates carry out a number of IT related services for us.  

Fundamentally they provide us with regular IT support, alongside dealing with ad hoc queries as we have them. They also manage our email and ensure local-level security is 100% – vital for a business such as ours that holds sensitive client data.  

The biggest project that Net Primates have undertaken for us is the migration to a cloud-based server. This was a scary, yet essential, undertaking. Rupert managed the entire process, not only ensuring a successful migration but also undertaking the work out of hours so we experienced no downtime. Net Primates also take care of our backups, giving me the peace of mind that my clients’ data is safe. 

Recently Net Primates replaced all our computers and screens, including introducing docking stations. The timing couldn’t have been better – the new IT kit arrived in February (just before Lockdown), making the transition from office to homeworking smooth and secure. We may consider a transition to more permanent homeworking now that we have all the necessary systems in place. 

Why do you use Net Primates? 

I’m very happy with the service we receive from Rupert, Steve and the team. They are always polite and courteous, and Rupert provides me with valuable and trustworthy advice – it’s nice to know that Rupert is there to give trusted advice if there are any IT concerns. 

What are the biggest IT challenges that you face moving forward? 

We need to ensure IT security is upheld wherever our team members are working, whether in the office or at home. All protocols need to be appropriate, making sure that client information is sent out securely. We always use best practice and rely on Net Primates to advise us.  

Did you find the Cyber Security Awareness Seminar Useful? 

We have taken up a security package recommended by Rupert. It’s important to protect against threats and we’re confident that this is being done. 

Any other comments that you’d like to add? 

Rupert has been really helpful, ensuring our scanner works properly. This step has allowed our office to become paperless – a massive boost on a number of levels. We’re now much more environmentally friendly, our office space has increased and the business is even more efficient.

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