Harrison Clarke Chartered Surveyors receive IT support from Net Primates. We recently caught up with owner, Tim Clarke…

What do Net Primates do for you? 

Net Primates set up our office network and look after our IT needs, from data security and storage to day-to-day IT support. They ensure that any alterations to our set up will allow our IT systems to work seamlessly and securely, and that all queries are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.  

Have you changed any IT recently, and if ‘Yes’, why?  

We recently asked Net Primates to repurpose a spare laptop for a new employee. They did this remotely and ensured that the work was completed well before the staff member needed to use the equipment. 

What are the biggest IT challenges that you face moving forwards? 

At present (and in contrast to pre-Net Primates days), our IT system runs smoothly and we have confidence that our data is secure. We do not foresee any particular IT challenges and are confident that Net Primates will help us to adapt to emerging technologies at the right time for our business. 

Did you attend, or will you be attending, the Net Primates Cyber Security Awareness Seminar? 

I have attended the seminar, which I found highly informative and certainly learnt a lot. It gave me confidence in the value that Net Primates can provide and I would recommend other business owners attend. IT is not an ancillary part of most businesses – it is a core requirement, and any compromises can lead to the loss of data, money and reputation. Better to let the experts keep you safe! 

Find out how Net Primates can help your business. CALL 02381 800 800 or visit www.netprimates.com/contact

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