Nothing stands still, particularly in the world of IT and you’ll soon be seeing changes offered by Net Primates. As always, we keep our fingers on the pulse (or the keyboard) in order to ensure you get the products and services that best suit your business. 

Cyber Security is, as usual, high on our list of priorities and we’ll be adding new software to our suite in order to improve the security of your computers. More information will follow once we’ve gone through extensive testing. 

Technology Business Reviews (TBRs), as we’ve reported before, have been extremely popular since their introduction. If you’re a ‘Managed Customer’ you’ll have already been offered a TBR meeting, and based on customer feedback we’re updating the frequency of these to every 3/6/12 months depending upon the size and strategic requirements of each customer. Proactive IT is so much more effective, economical and productive than emergency IT resolution and TBRs help to ensure proactivity. 

If you’d like to book your TBR please do get in touch, and watch this space for more information on the upcoming security software introduction.