We’d like to thank all our loyal customers for supporting Net Primates during our strongest year ever! We’ve taken on new clients, increased the size of our team and investment, received prestigious accreditations AND rebranded! Sound like a busy year? It certainly has been… 

Strongest year ever! 

This year we’re delighted to have welcomed a number of new Hampshire-based businesses to our loyal band of customers. Our philosophy has always been to provide a proactive service, helping businesses prepare their IT for both business needs and potential security threats, in order to maintain seamless IT provision wherever possible. That our customers value this service and appreciate that we always have their best interests at heart, is reassuring and encouraging, and we’ll continue to learn more, educate more and provide more in 2020. 

Expanding customer numbers has allowed us to expand the Net Primates team, bringing in the super-efficient Morwenna which brings our full-time numbers back to 6 staff. 


Massive focus on security 

Without security from cyber threats in place no business can face the future with any degree of certainty, and that is as true for Net Primates as any other business. We are constantly preaching about the importance of keeping systems secure so need to ensure that we put this into practice. This year we’ve gone a stage further from achieving Cyber Essentials and are now holders of Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation. 

In order to obtain ‘Plus’ accreditation requires an on-site audit from an external expert, ensuring that five ‘technical controls’ are being adhered to, alongside stringent processes. Whilst extremely advantageous for the security of Net Primates, this also helps to improve the security of our customers. Additionally, we are now able to bring enhanced knowledge and expertise to our clients, helping them achieve higher levels of cyber security. 

Find out more about Cyber Essentials Plus here


In our continual mission for excellence we have been investing in more advanced internal systems and our customers are benefitting from Connectwise Manage – our new ticketing system introduced on 1st May. The entire Net Primates team also benefits from continued training, and we also take time out to visit global IT conventions where we learn about the latest software, hardware, cyber threats and business advances. 

Cyber Security Awareness Seminars  

Some Net Primates customers have already taken advantage of attendance at one of our Cyber Security Seminars introduced in September. These events are two-fold, highlighting the cyber security threats that we all face, every day, and to learn how we can help protect our businesses. 

Taking just a couple of hours, the events are designed to give maximum information in an accessible format, together with a pack of essential material to take away. 

We are planning a series of events in 2020 open to all businesses in Hampshire and the surrounding area. These free events also contain refreshments and the opportunity to network with other local business leaders. 

To book your place on our seminar: 
Email [email protected] 
CALL Net Primates on 02381 800 800 

Launch of Microsoft Office 365 Enhanced 

Microsoft Office 365 is a familiar term to most of us, and many Net Primates customers enjoy the advantages that the cloud-based Microsoft suite of applications brings to their business. Less familiar is the ‘Enhanced’ element that Net Primates provides, including increased security protection, providing automatic backups and adding company-wide email signatures. Find out more by reading on…

Net Primates rebrand 

Customers saw a change to their Net Primates documentation during 2019 as we rebranded. We’re delighted with our new logo that reinforces how we offer a holistic approach to IT provision and always want to  ensure we’re ‘Making IT work’. 

Read more about our rebrand