Congratulations and well done to our Technical Director, Rupert Walmsley, on being awarded Connectwise ‘Manage Certified Professional’ status.  

In order to receive certification Rupert completed 30 hours of study sessions. Study time was broken into three core areas, comprising ten hours of work and passing an exam on each of the following:  
• Operations 
• Finance
• Sales  

ConnectWise Manage is a Professional Services Automation (PSA) software tool. The award-winning software automates business processes to allow streamlining that, in turn, aids efficiency.  

At Net Primates we’re continually evaluating our working methods in order to make our systems as efficient as possible. This enables us to provide a better service to our customers. Plus, we’re able to pass on any tips to our customers, allowing them to benefit from our increased knowledge.  

Business areas which Connectwise Manage has helped streamline for Net Primates include our Helpdesk (support ticketing system) and the onboarding of new clients. We hope you’re experiencing the benefits and can talk you through the journey of selecting, migrating, and refining such a significant piece of software if you are considering taking the leap yourself.  While Connectwise Manage is designed specifically for Technology Service Providers, most industries have a bespoke Line of Business (LoB) application which may be worth considering if you are struggling with separate processes & data silos within your business. 

For more information on Line of Business applications please get in touch.