Cyber Attacks on individuals and small businesses are increasing with alarming regularity – most of us will know someone who has been ‘scammed’ and ended up losing out financially.

In 2018 a UK Government survey found that 43% of businesses had reported security breaches within the last year! The survey also highlighted how just 51% of small businesses had installed basic cyber security controls. Equally, if not more, disturbing is that 75% of staff receive fraudulent emails and it’s through these that many security breaches can occur. A compromised email mailbox can send out 10K EMAILS EVERY 30 MINUTES to everyone that you’ve ever been in contact with over email – imagine the damage that could do to your reputation!

Unfortunately, we’re all too aware of this growing problem here at Net Primates. Every single week we hear about security breaches that have taken place here in Hampshire, and for each of those there are dozens of near misses. These include incidents of Director Impersonation, Compromised Mailboxes and Ransomware demanding payment to release encrypted files.

We want to help Hampshire businesses avoid costly Cyber Attacks and have launched a series of Cyber Security Awareness Seminars. Our first took place at the Chilworth Manor Hotel and we were delighted to welcome guests for networking, the seminar, and cake :-).

If you would like to join us for one of our upcoming seminars to find out how you can protect your business Email [email protected] or CALL Net Primates on 02381 800 800.

We’ll highlight the types of threats that your business faces TODAY along with solutions for preventing Cyber Attacks. We firmly believe that a couple of hours spent with us will give you the awareness needed to help keep your business secure – the consequences of a security breach will take much longer to clear up.

In addition to the presentation you’ll receive:

  • FREE Bespoke Email Scan of your Office 365 tenant, worth £200. The scan will show how secure your email has been over the last 6 months, highlighting whether your email system has been at risk of a breach.
  • FREE Bespoke Dark Web Report for your company, worth £250. This report examines if there are occurrences of passwords from users of your domain name being leaked across the Dark Web.
  • FREE Sample Password Policy for SMEs, worth £50. A great place to start the discussion with your team!
  • Handout on 15 ways to protect your business from cyber attack.
  • Posters for your business, educating staff on how to remain secure.
  • Information brochure, emailed slide set, and links to useful resources.
  • 3 actionable (non technical!) next steps to improve your cyber security TODAY!

To book your place:
Email [email protected]
CALL Net Primates on 02381 800 800