Following a well-received online training event, we’re planning on holding more. And just because you’ve attended one before, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come along to another – cyber threats are constantly evolving so regretfully there is always something new to talk about. 

We were delighted to host our first training event since our face-to-face seminars held pre-pandemic. Feedback has been incredibly positive, which is especially rewarding when we’re dealing with a subject that reflects the more negative aspects of both business and domestic life as we know it. 

Cyber security

At Net Primates we’ve held cyber security at the core of our IT provision for a number of years. This isn’t because we want to – we’d much rather focus purely on providing you with great IT products and services. But without thorough cyber security provision and training in place, your business is at significant risk of attack. We want you to be able to use your hardware and software to the best of its ability; a cyber attack could put a halt to this. 

Cyber resilience 

As we’re always mentioning, cyber security threats are constantly evolving. It’s now widely accepted across the cyber security community that having layers of outstanding cyber security software in place is simply not enough. Cyber resilience is also essential. Being cyber resilient is being prepared for an attack. We’re written previously about how you need a cyber drill in place, similar to a fire drill – your teams need to be aware that a cyber attack could occur and what their role is in minimising its impact. 

Why train? 

By attending regular cyber security awareness training, and following the advice received, you’re giving your business the best chance of fighting cyber threats. And the tips given can also be carried through into your domestic life – as we’re all aware, cyber criminals don’t discriminate; any business or any person is a target.  

As with all training, the more you undertake, the better you get. Attending regular events will help to entrench vital cyber security practices within your business, making you less likely to get hit and significantly reduce any impact. 

How to register for training 

We will be issuing registration invitations soon, but make sure you don’t miss out by contacting us in advance to inform us of your interest. Please do also tell your colleagues and associates – everyone is welcome. The wider and deeper the knowledge of cyber threats, the better likelihood we all have of staying safe.