Despite the pandemic feeling as if it’s all but over in the UK, the supply of IT kit is still proving problematic. 


Vital microchips are in short supply and estimates differ on when demand will be satisfied; some reports state that it will be 2023 before microchips will be readily available for all industries that need them.  


We’re seeing further Covid-19 related lockdowns taking place across the globe which will no doubt place additional stress on supply both in terms of manufacturing and shipping. 

Whilst these delays can’t be circumnavigated, they can be factored in.  

Plan for delays

If you know that your hardware warranty is coming to an end make sure you have your new IT kit ordered in plenty of time. Additionally, plan for new starters by getting their kit requirements sorted well ahead of time. Not sure when your warranties are up? Ask us for help. We can set up a Technology Business Review (TBR) to plan for any hardware refreshes that you are going to need, along with ensuring that your other IT requirements are being covered such as software updates, backups, cyber security and internet connectivity. 

Regrettably the consequences of neglecting to plan are not always pretty. If your IT kit is out of warranty and is displaying a lot of problems you could be left without vital kit should anything go wrong. You may also end up having to purchase kit that is available but not necessarily right for your business, rather than the kit that you need.  

Start planning today in order to counter any supply issues that are being faced globally.