Whether your calendar of preference is electronic or paper-based please make sure that you note down warranty expiration dates of computers and servers. 

Business-grade PCs and laptops, supplied by Net Primates, have 3-year warranties, and servers have 5 years. 

Keeping these dates diarised ensures your IT kit is always within warranty. Warranties allow for repairs and replacements to be carried out quickly, and they also help to ensure that your kit can cope with current demands. 

Newer computers will be better placed to take advantage of software updates and upgrades as they’re released. Not only will you be able to easily use the best software for the job, but you’ll also be in a position to have the latest IT security in place. 

We’d recommend that you give yourself plenty of opportunity to order and replace kit that is reaching the end of its warranty; allow yourself six months’ notice to prepare. You could also include purchase dates within your IT Strategy, so that budgets are sufficient. 

To wrap up, as you unwrap your shiny new laptop, take a minute to note down the warranty date. This small administrative act will help ensure you always have up-to-date kit that can cope with business demands and remain as secure as possible.