In June we wrote about how Microsoft have been adapting Teams at pace since the start of the pandemic. We also mentioned how you are welcome to visit our offices for a Microsoft Teams demonstration if you want to make the most of the application.  

With the speed of innovation at Microsoft here’s an update on even more innovative features that are now part of the software. This is just a taste of what’s available. For more information ask us for help or keep your eyes on the Microsoft Teams blog page

Too much chat? 

If you are inundated with more ‘chats’ than you can keep track of, you can now delete the chat from your interface without impacting other participants in the same chat. 

Want more chat? 

See chat bubbles displayed over a meeting view to engage in chat as it happens. Another feature allows you to see an entire chat thread so that you can better gauge the context of a message. 

Chat at the right time 

As working hours become more flexible, schedule chat messages to times when you know your colleagues are working, rather than interrupting their leisure time. 

Show your reaction 

There are now over 800 Teams emojis! You’ll never be short of ways to express yourself. 


Prioritise up to two other participants’ videos to enable sign language in meetings – they stay visible even while content is shared. Additionally, you can set captions to stay on across all meetings. 

Use whiteboards 

Using Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android displays, whiteboard sessions can be started from a supported display’s home screen at any time, including outside of a formal meeting, enabling instant collaboration. You can also start an ad hoc meeting from within a Whiteboard screen. 

PDF integration 

Adobe Acrobat has issued a new integration for Teams, making it easier to share, review and comment on PDFs as you meet. 

Get feedback 

With just 1 click you can create an instant poll within a meeting – no need to plan for it; just ask a question and receive responses there and then. 

Want to know more?

Get in touch and we’ll help you make more of Teams.