You can now benefit from even greater cyber security when you use the Net Primates ‘Cyber Protection Suite’. 

We have recently replaced our Security & Support Suite, which has provided traditional anti-virus protection, to an enhanced collection of tools. These tools give additional layers of security, all vital in the constant and ever-changing battle against cyber criminals. 

The main focus of the Cyber Protection Suite is building on ransomware protection. It also adds checks that prevent accessing infected websites. Emphasis is on enabling access to the software and systems that your business needs while reducing the risks associated with open access. Additionally, tools are in place to reduce the impact of an attack, should it occur. 

Below is the full list of suite tools, and how they enhance your cyber security.  

For more information on keeping your business safe, please get in touch. We hear about cyberattacks all the time, and are committed to providing as much security and information as possible. 

Managed AntiVirus Protection 

We are constantly reviewing AntiVirus products. Using our Cyber Protection Suite we are able to remotely deploy updates to your computers. The system also generates security alerts for our expert team to examine in order to resolve potential issues as soon as possible. 

Patch Management 

Approved security patches will be installed to the operating systems of your machines. 

System Security & Hardware Monitoring 

Your systems will undergo several regular status checks. Any issues will be captured and a notification sent to the Net Primates team for investigation. 

Remote Support Agent 

Should you require support our team of specialists are able to access your computers remotely, without the need for you to type in codes or download software. 

Ransomware Protection 

Your computer will be monitored for activity patterns that mimic ransomware, alerting our team to possible issues, in order to prevent or minimise the impact of a ransomware attack. 

Internet Connection Security 

Access to infected websites is automatically blocked so that your users can’t access harmful pages. There is also the option to block certain categories of site such as gambling, gaming and video streaming. 

Internet Activity Reporting 

Monitor internet activity in order to have visibility of your company’s business usage including individual devices. You’re also able to audit cloud services to determine their levels of use. 

Application Whitelisting & Ringfencing 

This tool builds a profile of the software that is regularly used within your business, enabling unhindered access. Ringfencing provides parameters specifying what can and can’t be used within a software application. 

Storage Control 

Disable access to external storage, reducing the likelihood of company data being copied to unknown devices. Temporary or permanent access to specific devices or users can be given. You’re also able to monitor who is accessing what, and from which application.