Follow the FBI’s updated security statistics for 2019

Alarming figures have been released by the FBI, indicating the sharp rise in cyber attacks across the world. 2018 saw 4,000 UK victims of cybercrime report their attack; 2019 saw this rise to 93,000 – a rise of 2225%!!! Aside from the US, the UK has the most reported victims of cybercrime – not something we should be proud of! The figures are scary; global victim losses rose to $3.5billion – up from $2.7 in 2018.  

Across the world compromised business emails cost $1.76 billion – and that’s just the ones that have been reported. Otherwise known as BEC, Business Email Compromise is on the rise. These scams have evolved over the years. Originally, they were centered around hacking and spoofing the email accounts of CEOs and CFOs but as we know, compromised emails now target victims across business and personal use. According to the FBI, the cost of reported breaches went up by $400million in 2019! 

The cost of ransomware was ‘just’ $9million – but that’s not the full picture. This figure represents the ransoms that were reported and paid – many aren’t. Companies don’t always report when they’ve paid up as this not only entices more unscrupulous hackers, but it doesn’t do a company’s reputation any good to admit to an attack of this nature. And the $9million only represents the costs of ransoms paid – not the total cost of the disruption caused when an attack takes place. Imagine the cost to your business if you were attacked, had your systems breached and couldn’t get your data back – how long would it take to rectify the problem, if at all? 

Worryingly, but unsurprisingly, fraudulent technical support services have come into their own, raising costs to business of $54 million – up 40% in just one year! One area where the hackers are doing a great job is inciting a cyberattack and then offering to ‘solve’ the problem, so causing further damage. 

At Net Primates we take these figures extremely seriously. That’s why we put Cyber Security at the core of our IT services. The best IT kit is phenomenal for business success – but only when it’s used securely; if you experience a cyber breach it could bring your business to its knees and the damage may be irreparable.  

We constantly work alongside IT specialists throughout the world so that we can maintain the highest standards of security within our business and that of our customers. 

Office 365 Enhanced deals with the cyber attack issues that are likely to come in via your email, helping to keep your business running smoothly and your reputation intact. It checks emails as they come in, alerting you to potential fraudulent mails – with a reported 91% of cyber attacks being launched by email this is a vital addition to regular Office 365. 

Find out how we can help your business remain secure, efficient and competitive.  

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