There have been some hefty doses of bad news over the past 2.5 years, but finally we have some good news! Hardware supplies are now back to their pre-Covid levels. 

When Covid struck IT supplies became very difficult to come by, for several reasons, but a shortage of microchips was a main contributory factor. Global supply chains were severely impacted. These supplies are now back to normal so it’s far easier to get hold of the IT kit that’s needed. 

Don’t get complacent 

If the delays in supplies have taught us anything it’s that planning ahead will always make life easier. We’ve always endorsed planning for IT purchases and supply issues reaffirmed why this is important. We should all know when our IT kit warranties are up so that we can budget, and place orders, well in advance of kit being needed. 

Discuss what you need 

Allowing more time for IT purchases ensures you get exactly what you need. Emergency purchases made in haste do not bode well for getting the right kit for the job. Taking your time to work out what you need, and discussing it with your teams, will help you to spend your IT budget wisely. We can also help – book a Technology Business Review (TBR) with us and we’ll advise on any advances in IT that have been made and make suggestions for the kit that would best suit your business.  

What’s around the corner? 

None of us know what tomorrow will bring. However, we are able to predict when we’ll need new IT kit if we renew when warranties are up. So, keep your warranty dates in the diary (or ask us to do this for you) and get your IT kit ordered well before the date is up. 

How long do warranties last? 

At Net Primates our business-grade laptops and PCs come with a 3 year warranty, while servers come with 5 years. Updating kit when warranties are up not only ensures that you’ll get replacement kit ASAP if something goes wrong, but that you’ll also benefit from kit that can use the very latest software. You’ll also be able to carry out vital Cyber Security updates, sometimes not an option with older kit. 

What do you need? 

If you know that you’ll need replacement kit soon, or you want to make sure that your business is well-prepared for any eventuality, we can help. Book your TBR today and make sure you’re prepared for tomorrow.